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Surf amongst peaceful wilderness

A surfing trip to Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is an all-encompassing adventure. Although the waves are impressive, it’s something else that makes surfing around the island special. Perhaps it’s the feeling of peace that comes from floating on the cobalt-blue depths, waiting for your next ride to roll through. 

With multiple swell directions and strong conditions working in its favour, Rottnest Island has breaks to rival those of the renowned Margaret River. Also, as an island, there’s always a spot with clean offshore winds, making it a rare, reliable surfing destination. 


An island of consistent, challenging breaks

Competition-level waves

Always a spot with the right conditions

Surf for both beginners and experts

Island views as you wait for waves

Finding your place to surf

Waves for experienced surfers

Seasoned surfers can find a new challenge on Wadjemup; an adventurous escape, where the journey and discovery of each break tests stamina before you even enter the water. Then, amongst a peaceful, isolated natural environment, the island’s thrilling waves are the ultimate invigorating experience. 

Strickland Bay: The most popular break on the island, used for international, national, and state-level surfing events. Located near Narrow Neck, towards the west end of the island.

Stark Bay: An exposed reef break with consistent, impressive waves. Located on the opposite side of the island to Strickland, near West End. 

West End: Home to the ‘Rotto Box’, an infamous tow-in-only wave caused by strong swells. Located on the western tip of the island, furthest from Thomson Bay. 

Surf spots for beginners

Wadjemup is mostly suitable for experienced surfers. The spots are pretty isolated and the waves are challenging - but there are a couple of quieter places for beginners to go and test their mettle. 

Chicken Reef: Reef break with consistent, clean waves in winter. Benefits from groundswells and offshore winds from the north, and north-east. Located near Little Salmon Bay.

Mary Cove: Calm spot with a steady left break, similar type of surf to Strickland Bay but a lot more forgiving. Located on the western end of the island, just before Strickland Bay.

Waiting for a wave
Waiting for a wave

Getting to your surf spot

When you’re surfing on Wadjemup, part of the adventure is the journey to your chosen break. It’s not the time for a quick surf, as you’ll be hiking through the thriving bushland with coastal vistas around every turn or taking a breezy boat ride out to offshore waves. 

Without a boat, you won’t be able to reach every break. There are some places like West End that are in remote bays or offshore locations, and can only be accessed by your own private boat. However, there’s plenty of popular spots like Strickland Bay and Stark Bay that you can walk, cycle and bus to if you arrive by ferry.