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Experience Wadjemup on two wheels

Experience the wind on your face, the sun at your back, and discover more corners of the island than you can in one day on foot. Fast, fun, and environmentally friendly, cycling is one of the most popular ways to get around Wadjemup / Rottnest Island. 

Wadjemup has very few vehicles, making it a haven for cyclists at every level. You can cycle the network of roads and hills in peace — a rare opportunity to feel the abundance of space and take in the scenery around you, riding from beach to bay.

You can bring your own wheels with you, or alternatively, speak with your ferry company about organising bike hire during your time on the island.

Once you set foot on Rottnest Island, Pedal & Flipper provides a large range of bikes to choose from, available for one-day or multi-day hire. They also provide all the gear you need to ensure a safe, enjoyable ride, including helmets, locks, attachments to carry the kids—even electric bikes and e-scooters.

Cycling around Wadjemup is an uninterrupted experience that you won’t get anywhere else.


Be safe and have fun
Take care when cycling on Wadjemup. Even though there aren’t many vehicles, the hills can get steep and the roads are winding. Make sure to always wear a helmet when riding a bike—it’s mandatory as part of Western Australian law.



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Cycling the island
Cycling the island

Explore Wadjemup at your own pace

Over 22 km of cycle paths weave in and out across the island, with plenty of track for every ability. 

The Rotto Mini Loop is a four kilometre round trip that winds its way past some of the island’s favourite locations. Starting at Thomson Bay, cyclists of all ages can ride through the unique Wadjemup bushland to The Basin, past Longreach and Geordie Bay, and out to Vlamingh Lookout. At around 30 minutes to complete, it’s perfect for families looking to explore more of the island.

The Beaches, Lighthouses, and Lakes trail takes you further into the unique island terrain, without being too arduous. At 10 km, it makes for a relaxed 1.5- to 3-hour ride around the coast and inland, taking in some of Wadjemup’s most beautiful beaches and bays.

The 22 km Island Ride takes you around the entirety of Wadjemup’s stunning coastline. You’ll cycle the entire island, taking in some of its most popular beaches and stunning scenery. But at anywhere from three to five hours (return trip), this is better suited to experienced riders.

Frequently asked questions

You can organise bike hire with your ferry company or hire on the island from Pedal & Flipper Hire. Located just behind Hotel Rottnest, it’s open every day of the year for your cycling needs.

Paul’s Eco Bike Tours is a 4-hour guided experience where you’ll circumnavigate the island on an electric bike.

For something a bit different, Segway Tours WA provides a two-wheeled experience that takes you off-road—no peddling required.

Yes, electric scooters are allowed on the island. The use of electric rideables (e-skateboards, e-scooters, e-wheels, hoverboards, e-unicycles or e-skates) is regulated under the Road Traffic Code 2000. So be sure to wear a helmet and obey all the same road rules as you would on a bike.